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Advanced equipment’s are the foundation of manufacturing high quality products, As manufacturing high quality sealing products is all down to exceptional precision  which requires strict production standards and consistent compliance. We utilise the most sophisticated advanced technology electronic equipment’s to ensure quality of our products.

Using modular advanced design techniques and fully automated assembly equipment’s, we minimized production cost thus lowering the prices of the finished products without compromising the excellent quality of ITK products. We have and will continue to invest heavily in our production processes, manufacturing facilities and systems for delivering world class products to our customers.

Our product quality is not only monitored by our systems but also ensured by sophisticated and professional engineers and technicians, plus advanced production and testing equipment’s such as CNC machines, Plasma Spraying Equipment, Coordinate Measuring Machine, Haas Machines etc. In addition to Electronic controlled equipment’s, we have formed a strong product R & D working team and have strong process control capabilities.

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